I am getting so very tired of winter weather!   Thank goodness spring is right around the corner.  Here’s the evidence:


The crocus’ are  coming up and right now it’s nice enough to have a window open and I’m listening to the tree frogs and the birds.  Ahhhhh-so nice.

I’ve also completed  two UFO’s this past week.  Hooray!   I finished my linen bag that I started about a year ago.  I got sidetracked with other stuff and then forgot where I stashed it away at so I just now got it done. I used an old Louet freebie pattern  and used  Euroflax. The pattern said it would take 1 skein but it ended up taking a little more than one. I think Euroflax used to come with more yardage.  Evidence number two, which proves that I am actually doing something:


I also finished my Clapotis but  I have no proof to show you. Nancy send me the picture!!! Nancy took some pictures at the shop Tuesday so as soon as she sends them to me I’ll post them. It turned out really great and I absolutely love it. I can see myself making another and another….. It’s great because it can be a large scarf or a small shawl. It seems like I’ve wore more scarves trying to keep warm this winter than ever so I’m keeping my eye out for some nice yarn for the next one.

I really should keep on with the UFO’s but I have startitis.   I’ve always wanted to make EZ’s February sweater, but since I didn’t have any babies to make it for, I never did.  But thanks to Pamela at Flint Knits, who actually took the time to  adjust the pattern for adults, I’m making it for me.  I’m using stash yarn so that kinda makes up for not diving into more of the UFO’s!

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3 Responses to Evidence

  1. joyknits says:

    WB! Love your crocus – ours aren’t open yet, though I did find a few tips poking through yesterday.

  2. shrinkinggranny says:

    Sending you a PM on Ravelry – this computer doesn’t have your email addy! Argh! (it really is nice… trust me, would I lie to you?)


  3. babyface says:

    Love your first flower and your bag. Thinking I
    ought to make one of those too. Can’t wait until
    I see your Clapotis.

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