Summer of Lace

I have always had a desire to knit lace but every time I would start a lacy thing I’d get part way through and toss it aside and never go back to it, or I’d get  frustrated with it and swear that I would never knit lace again.  I really don’t know what happened but I am so into knitting lace right now.  I’m on my 3rd  and 4th lace projects of the  summer and I have a bunch of patterns queued that I want to start.  It all started with this – The Shetland Triangle knit with Dream in Color Starry:

blog 264

Then I moved on to Adamas knit with Dream in Color Baby.  Thanks to my Thursday night knitting friends,  I’ve also had this thing for Dream in Color lately:

blog 271

Both of them were really easy and quick to knit.  Now I’m working on two different lace projects.  The Pi Shawl, which is in time out right now.  I’ll probably frog it because I really don’t know if I want a circular shawl.  Maybe I’ll just cast off and call it a doily.  And then there is this little scarf I’m working on out of Malabrigo laceweight:

blog 275

The stitch pattern is Ostrich Plumes from The Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker and doesn’t show up well in the picture,  but it is a beautiful pattern.  The borders are just garter stitch.  I’m wondering if I need to work it on a bigger needle though.  I really don’t want to rip it out and start over so I’ll probably just keep on going.

I also was able to go to The Estes Park Wool Market in June.  Most of my purchases were laceweight yarn.  I got some really pretty stuff!  Only one roving purchase which is really odd for me.  Roving is not something I’m at a loss for right now  so I didn’t  feel the need to buy any, but I didn’t have a laceweight stash.  I’m working on it!

I really don’t want to stop and knit anything else but lace right now but I’m going to have to start something else soon.  I can just feel the startitis setting in.  Maybe some colorwork.

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6 Responses to Summer of Lace

  1. Joy says:

    WB!!! Love your lace :)

  2. Jenny says:

    Beautiful knitting. It is so good to see these lovely patterns revived again. What you are calling “Ostrich Plumes” my mother used to call “Feather & Fan” & it used to be her favourite pattern. I remember her knitting many a baby layette in thie pattern. Great to see these lovely patterns back.

    • Susan says:

      Hey Jenny: Well your mother was on to something. Ostrich Plumes is just a variation of Feather and Fan. Both are such beautiful patterns. I too like seeing these patterns revived!

  3. babyface says:

    I love your shawls. They are beautiful and very
    well done as usual. I like your scarf too. The colors
    are wonderful. Have been wanting to make a feather
    and fan scarf, but it’s on the back burner along with
    everything else.

  4. Lisa Wilson says:

    I’m starting to get obsessed with lace, too, about a year late, I guess. My first thing up is Shetland Lace, also. I’m trying to finish an old, old start at lace, first…

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